3 Times I was Such a “Nasty Woman”

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“A voice for voices around the world¬†that go unheard”

I have to admit I spent two hours screaming at the television during the last presidential debate. Suffice it to say there were times that I literally sat on the edge of my red couch ready to jump in the screen. Hearing crude and that is putting it lightly comments loosely hurled in high-defination sent my voice in overdrive. However; the greatness of womanhood is to take what may have been meant as ridicule and turn it into a robust opportunity that fuels change.

My life’s mission and legacy to womanhood is to build the Literary Healing Arts Foundation into a¬†community of healed women writers¬†that supports women and girl¬†voices around the world and globe that have gone unheard. With this as a superpower, my voice must replicate the bold brave expressiveness I encourage in others.

Withstanding, I am prepared for the impeding controversy of deciding to not go voiceless. Personally, I have suffered from the disease of only speaking when spoken to and it left my voice lethargic and anemic. Commissioned with a higher calling, I decree to use my freedom to express myself with authenticity. Happily posited below is an edited rendition of 3 times I slayed the status quo and wrote healing into my life by using my voice and penning my pain to paper.

3 Times I was¬†Such a¬†“Nasty Woman”

  1. Seven¬†years ago I spoke up and¬†told my emotionally abusive¬†husband¬†I was divorcing him and left my¬†home and didn’t look back: I came out of the fire with peace and a better piece of me.
  2. Six¬†years ago I¬†joined Women Writing for a Change a writing group in Birmingham, Al.¬†and began to write all about it…on a red couch with other non-judgemental women: I¬†restored a¬†calling I¬†declared as an 8 year-old girl to become a writer. Ultimately gaining confidence to join See Jane Write a bloging and business group for women.
  3. Two years ago I founded and started my own business and brand with no clear direction or money in tote, I joined local business programs, began performing spoken word, speaking at storytelling venues, and submitting poetry/writing nationally and encouraging other women and girls to write to heal. Discovering I am a poet Dammit.

My voice has never been in the lost and found, I didn’t have to go looking for it I later learned. What I¬†facilitate now¬†through the Literary Healing Arts Foundation is that women and girls can use their own voices to heal their lives. The¬†genuine¬†voice that has always been there; but perhaps needed a little coaxing from a caring nasty women. True confessions, I’ll be humming the lyrics to “Janet Jackson’s Nasty Boys” for a while¬†inserting the word¬†“woman” for all who boss up, show up, and voice up¬†bravely representing womanhood at its strongest.

The journey towards promoting the healing power of words, I am very aware is messy and requires transparency. Unapologetically, I submit it is time to write it out as we Write 2 Gather and Write 2 Heal, the red couch is waiting, and yes I have a feeling that writing and self-expression is about to get even nastier.


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