Amplify Black Women’s Voices #2-So who told you that Black Women be on some Petty (ish)?….and what’s it to anyone if we you Boo!


The king of definitions of petty according to Mr. Webster ugh, ugh, a man telling us about words again is- of little importance; trival or secondary or lesser importance. Keep reading my sisters…

Are you about that petty life? Petty is as petty does; blah, blah, blah. Admittedly, I am a tad bit social media obsessive. I can be a time waster and hoarder of information from blogs, vlogs, and influencers as if any of that stuff really matters. I am also astute at listening and observing what is truly newsworthy as a news junkie its my plight in life to read and sift through the lies and madness.

The word petty comes across my screen numerous times a day and often times it is attached to some black woman and what others may deem as her made up drama or reaction to her life experiences. I don’t really like the way this word is being used to portray black women particularly by black men and black women as well.

Who told you that you were Petty?-and what’s it to them anyway!

When black women are opinionated, expressive, or express their dam ideas or dare to disagree with others then we are deemed petty?

I know what many of you are thinking being petty is much deeper; however I submit that it isn’t. If you don’t like something no matter how small, minute, or “unpopular it may be”-Black Woman you/we have the right to speak out about it in our own way.

I am guilty of it more than I wish to admit, I have often said to a friend “I am just sitting around being petty”-so don’t get me wrong I am trusting to heal myself sisters. Although I am learning that nothing I do have done or will do as a Black Woman is petty, insignificant, trivial or secondary; regardless of media and the new social petty connotations put forth. This is yet again hype misconstrued damaging  titles attempting to complicate us in amplifying our voices.

The way black women think isn’t small or demure nor do we need to turn our voices into cartoon characters that are bloated with fanaticized memes.

Petty isn’t pretty (says who again) but if we turn it upside down on it’s head first we don’t need or have to be pretty but individual responses to people places and things is just that a response a personal statement of such. Do you Boo…

White media, social media, and even men on media channels and some sisters have bought into this believing that they are petty and that the way they speak or articulate their views isn’t reverend enough. Now that is some petty ish…be you do you, feel yourself, speak up and out about what you see has outrageous, mundane, or just plain not your cup of tea.

In other words amplify your voice in spaces and in ways that represent your individual brassiness and be as sassy as you desire. Small minded intimidated and threatened people use patriarchal terms to dominate and perpetrate a false narrative that black women are small and inferior in their thinking.

This infuriates me especially when I find myself and other sisters buying into the B.S. that our words and viewpoints aren’t worthy.

Many of the portrayals of the so called pettiness are conjured false made up dynamics that attempt to continue internalized oppression of black women voices and bodies. If we (black women) stop buying into this then perhaps it will be visible that it’s them not us that’s all about that petty life and that’s some petty..ish to follow.


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