Amplifying Black Women Voices #6: You are Powerful…Use Your Power!



Don’t tell me how powerful I am-I already know I am POWER!

Could it be that you don’t need more power (btw) that ish…isn’t grace; perhaps its time to start using the hell out of the power that already is you. 

You know you are bad when the world hates you, all of you for no reason. When your magic comes so natural that it makes those not ready for your juicy, flavorful, delicious ways uncomfortable. Voicing our power as black women won’t be popular but anyway, who cares it is what it is and that is the definition of true power. Lets go and own our power and use it to the fullest and then some…

In my 20’s, I literally lived a decade unconscious. I didn’t know who I was or how to multiply my power. Hell, I didn’t even feel like I had any. Therefore, I spent a lot of my time in a self-imposed bubble hiding and pretending to like myself.

My thirties consisted of me doing my best to live up to the expectations of corporate America and keeping up a professional appearance. I dressed, talked, and kept a social media presence that represented what made others comfortable. Once again not accessing the fullness of my power.

Today in my 40’s, I wish I had the courage I see so many millennial women possessing and fully living out loud when I was younger. I am not here for people trying to convince black women of their worth, beauty, or overall goodness in juxtaposition to a world full of white images and attitudes that threaten to try to cancel out the power of what it is to be a black woman. I abhor those goodie-two-shoe quotes, memes, or expert thought bubbles online who use frilly words to empower (not a fan of that word).

Black women are super freaking powerful the creators of culture. Our destiny is not tied to how powerful others think we harness its defined by the power that lies within. Furthermore, our destinies aren’t deleted based on the power others fail to see we possess. However, some may ask how to access that power?

Well, I am not here to throw out my advice or suggestions only to be the screaming big sis in the bleachers cutting up as you come across the stage brave and bolder than ever. The most powerful thing is you shall figure it out in due time while testing and trying much like I have and continue to do.

In a world that gives 10 quick tips for just about everything many may have lost the ability to intuitively bring forth what is already brewing inside. Gifts, talents, skills, and sheer innate drive to invent lives inside our bones; and oozes from our pores-that thing that tingles your arms and makes you feel alive my be a clue. I am a fan of getting quiet and doing the next right thing even if with fear-just try to do it. Now that’s powerful!

Black Women are Power…I’ll be using mine while watching you use your power!

Your Big Sis,

Salaam @beautifulblackpoetry

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