Amplifying Black Women Voices: # 7- Millennial Black Women Let’s Do Lunch!

pexels-photo-818819.jpegAll Voices are Worth Being Heard…Including Ours!

Out the gate I admit I am exhausted and tired and hungry for more however what that more may be is the journey I am hoping to share with you, yes you.

Everyone seemingly is in haste to do something, to do more, to be something, to be more. I feel a furor of feverish panting on my feed daily. Most of the time it’s me like a deer in headlights racing across the danger of streets wailing into unexpected traffic. So I wonder just wonder if I gave myself permission to be and slow down and believe what my life may be like this year and beyond.

Everyday a girl has to eat, right, I mean we have to eat and why not eat a slow lunch with a friend or budding friend and lean into the whispers of one another while getting good grub that feeds the soul-nothing too fancy.

Furthermore, I am a runner more like a sleeper. I feel that God gives me assignments and I sleep on them until I am ready to execute them perfectly, which rarely or never happens. Does that mean I have a lack of trust in God? Probably, does it even matter?

I do, however think it makes me normal, tired, and shuffling into spaces and assignments that are not necessarily mine. Typically, I am very laid back except for when I am not and I have a lot of irons in the fire all at the same time as I can’t stand being bored. But as I evaluate the fruitfulness of my life it has been clear that there are some reoccurring nudges that I am urged to hear.

One of those urges is to the bite the bullet and work more diligently on securing a project that amplifies all black women voices. Honestly, I hate branding and making projects and doing a thing. I know really I do. So I usually just say it is so and strike out in some vain that feels good to me. And that is what I am doing now. I am believing and maybe trusting more that whatever needs to be- will be- and the do will bring about the why and how. It is about the process rather than the product I hear, I say, I preach.

~Some time ago God asked me to speak to one millennial black woman a month particularly a woman who is on her way or thinking towards making their own space in this world and hold space for her.

I have known that I am a space holder and I do this well by sacredly just sitting and holding people and places down. There is much more to it but in essence that’s one of my superpowers. Also, I know what I don’t know and that I have a lot to learn and I am in awe at women younger than me that are getting things done with courage everyday so I need the presence of their voices in congruency with Gods timing.

One reason I haven’t totally answered this call is because I secretly believe that no one or young black women especially wouldn’t accept my invitation and they may believe that I have some ulterior motive and that I am not perfect enough. I don’t have much in the ways of motives which may also be scary as everyone I know is busy and are told everything they do must result in something whatever that something is.

I know that my assignment is to amplify all black women voices (what does that mean not sure) and to meet with a young black woman once a month for lunch in 2018-a relatively inexpensive lunch that is. Or if you are out of the Greater Birmingham, Al. area an old fashioned phone call would be great.

So here goes the pitch the call… if you are black, a woman, and a millennial and that is loose real loose between the ages of 18-35, would you like to have lunch or a call with me please? Now, no there won’t be a website or a submission page or criteria or any of that. Just email me or message me or if I email or message you say yes or no. If you would like to nominate someone who may not be on my radar just message or inbox me their name and contact info. If you want to heed the call and you are a black young woman then yeah just let me know casually and we will work it out. My goal is to go against societies overzealous techniques to converse and connect with no strings attached.

There you have it ladies, let’s do lunch-on me!

Your Big Tired Sis, Salaam

Salaam Green on FB

@beautifulblackpoetry on IG

and salaamgreen1 on twitter

Write to Heal…Write To Gather

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