Amplify Black Women Voices- Alabama Black Women: Tribute to Recy Taylor

Alabama Black Women:

Recy Taylor, Activist

My #MeToo Poem about Black #MeToo in front of a receptive predominantly white majority audience in Birmingham, Al. after watching major white feminism on awards shows.

Say Her name Recy Too!

By: Salaam Green


The mass majority of the world became familiar with Mrs. Recy Taylor from Oprah Winfrey’s crowd stirring speech given at the Golden Globes in 2018 as Oprah accepted the Cecil B. de Mille award as the first black person to do win this award.

I became familiar with Recy Taylor’s story after a screening of the documentary was screened in Birmingham, Alabama even though I did not attend the screening and conversation having the event in the city I live in Birmingham, Al struck a chord for me to learn more.

See YouTube trailer below from Augusta Films

After researching the events of Recy Taylor an Alabamian Activist, I decided to do a tribute poem to her and many of the black women who have bravely stood up in the age of #MeToo and have gone unrecognized as the movement has become more and more white washed. Please research on your own more about Recy Taylor’s life, heroic achievements, and the Alabama town where Recy called home.

Please view the video of my poem below performed at a fundraiser for the Birmingham Crisis Center in tribute to sexual abuse survivors. Thank you

Africka, Too

By: Salaam Green my  Black #MeToo


Thanks to the great Lashonda RyNea of RyNea Soul and Initiative for Creative Arts for videoing and uploading this moment.

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